Sunday, 30 June 2013

How To Easily Change Windows 7 Password Without Knowing Old Password? A Simple Hacking Trick Using Local User Manager

     Many of us searched and searching for this trick.  Some times, we need to change the password  of  a system  without  knowing  its  current password.  In that case, if that  system
has Windows 7 OS, its very easy to change the password. We can easily done that without any complex commands and steps. Just read this article, it will surely help you.
     For that if we go for “User Accounts'”, there its will ask for the current password too. So, if you want to change the password of an logged in Windows 7 system without knowing its current password, or want to play with your friend by changing the password of his system, just read more.

NOTE: The Windows should be logged  in as admin to perform this operation.
     Just follow the simple steps.
  1. Just open the Run box by press Win Key + R.
  2. Type “lusrmgr.msc” as shown in figure 1. (without double quotes")
  3. The “Local Users and Groups” window will be open as shown in figure 2.
  4. Double click on “Users” folder. All the system user accounts will be showed as shown in figure 2.
  5. Right click on the account name which you want to change the password and select “set password”.
  6. A warning will be shown as shown in the figure 2.
  7. Click on “Proceed”.
  8. The “Set Password” pop up will be opened as shown in the figure 3. Give the new password two times and click OK. That’s it, the password will be changed.
     Enjoy and have fun with your friend. Comment your troubles. For more tricks, keep visiting.
6-30-2013 1-46-22 PM
Figure 1

6-30-2013 1-47-07 PM
Figure 2

6-30-2013 1-47-30 PM
Figure 3

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  1. how to change the password before entering into the user?

    1. U r welcomed here frnd... To apply this method, u need to log in to Windows. There is some methods to hack Windows without log in. I will provide that methods as soon as possible...

    2. I think you can try to use the SmartKey Windows Password Recovery software to change Windows 7 password.

  2. Its really a kind of cool idea !!! and here what is went by lusrmgr.msc cmd ???

  3. i have the software hack Windows without log in
    i wil tell now am forgot that

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  5. how to remove password protected pendrive or memory card ???using lap or android??mobile

  6. Hi
    Admin I tried this method but in local group the system pointed that It is running windows 7 premium and this feature won't work in here and also pointed to go to users accounts to do any change

  7. Very helpful................I found another similar trick here -

  8. If you want to change your Windows 7 without login password you only need some tools or your admin password. For tools you can consider reset disk or Anmosoft Windows Password Reset

  9. I also met your situation before. I bought a second-hand laptop and when I tried to login it asked me the password. Terrible! So I only used tool to help me unlock. For quick and easy I used Windows Login Recovery

  10. Want to change your Windows 7 password without the old password? This problem always places on the second-hand pc. The easy and effective way can be Windows Password Killer

  11. How i can change break password of any window without login

  12. How i can break window 7 password with out any software

  13. Good steps and picture guard it help me a lot for my assignment thank you

  14. can i access the login page when some one use my computer for login his/her account????please reply because one of my friend apply this method on me and give me a challenge so please help me

  15. Great trick! If you're completely locked out of Windows and can't login at all, we need to use a bootable media such as PCUnlocker Live CD to change the password.