Wednesday, 24 July 2013

How To Install OS From Pen Drive? Create Bootable USB Drive

     If we need to install a new Operating System to  a PC, we  must  have  the  OS  in  CD  or DVD.    If  we  buy  a  new  Windows  or  Linux  OS,   it  will be available in CD or DVD only. By ISO
   Figure 1
bought that only we can install and use that OS in our computer.  But, it’s a complex task if the following causes held.
  • If the Pc doesn’t have CD/DVD dive.
  • If the CD/DVD drive doesn’t works properly.
  • If the OS CD which you have is broken or damaged.
     In such cases, there is an alternate way to install the OS to the system. Yeah, we can Install any OS to the PC by using any USB storage devices like pen drives. You just need the OS image file with .iso extension to perform the operation. There is an application called Power ISO which is used to create and burn image files. The tool Power ISO is already used to install OS with pen drives, we can create a bootable USB drives using this application. Just follow the steps.
  • Download the tool Power ISO. <<<CLICK HERE>>> to get Power ISO. (It’s a payable tool, free for trail. The pirated copy of this tool is also available in web)
  • Install Power ISO into your PC.
  • Open and click Tools and click “Create bootable USB drive”. (Shown in figure 1)
  • Select the image file of the OS which is to be install in the next window and select the pen drive to be use. (Shown in figure 2).
  • Click “Start”. The operation will be started and it will take some minutes to done. NOTE: All the contents which are in the drive will be previously deleted)
  • After the operation gets finished, plug in the pen drive to the system in  which the OS is to be installed. And restart the computer. The system will get boot from the pen drive.  NOTE: Don’t forget to set the boot priority to the pen drive. 2
     Figure 2
     That’s it. Its much more simple and safe than install the OS from the CD/DVD. Comment your troubles. Or mail to or
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